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 Desperation is what lead us to Prodovite.  The endless days, weeks, months and years of him not feeling well and been worn down and out was taking a devastating toll on our family.  Everything changed when Prodovite came. 

Why Prodovite:   

  • Unique high quality liquid supplement packing a bio-availability punch. 
  • Hits system when it hits the tongue
  • Survives acidic stomach
  • Absorbed by small intestine

What we’ve learned:

  • Disease starts in the Colon
  • Our system is constantly under attach and desperately needs help
  • Stress causes sickness and disease
  • Light bulb moment: made connection to importance of lining in small intestine (thank you celiac friend) and benefit of supplement being absorbed in small intestine
  • One family member’s disease effects the whole family
  • Food & water quality isn’t as good as you think
  • High price paid for being sleep deprived 

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